INBRACE Difference

INBRACE combines the effectiveness of traditional braces, the esthetics of lingual braces, and the comfort and ease of use of clear aligners, all in a single appliance. BigSmile Orthodontics is the birthplace of INBRACE, where the first INBRACE cases were planned and treated by Dr. Hongsheng Tong and Dr. Robert Lee back in 2014. They have continued to treat INBRACE cases since then and have finished more INBRACE cases than any other orthodontic practice in the world.

INBRACE is truly invisible because it sits behind the teeth. Below are progress photos from one of our INBRACE patients where you would never be able to tell that she has braces on!

INBRACE - Completely Invisible
INBRACE Treatment - Clean and Simple

Look at the finished treatment below from just a few of our many finished and happy patients treated with INBRACE. 

INBRACE Treating Crooked Teeth
INBRACE Treating Overlapped Teeh
INBRACE Treatment at BigSmileOrtho
Open Bite Treated with INBRACE
Crooked Tooth Treated with INBRACE