Clear Braces in

Riverside and Chino CA

BigSmile Orthodontics is proud to provide ceramic clear braces to our patients as a more esthetic option compared to traditional metal braces. Clear braces have the same efficacy as traditional braces to straighten crooked teeth and fix misaligned bites, so they are a great option for anyone who is a candidate for traditional braces but is looking for something more esthetic.


Ceramic clear braces do require patients to have good oral hygiene because they tend to be larger than traditional metal braces. The other minor drawback to clear braces is that they tend to be more fragile, so a ceramic bracket may fracture and need to be replaced during treatment. Clear or pearl colored ties are often chosen to blend with the clear braces, but they may also discolor between orthodontic visits, especially due to certain foods, drinks, and smoking.

Affordable clear brace offered at BigSmile Orthodontics
Ceramic clear braces offered at BigSmile Orthodontics

At BigSmile Orthodontics, we are proud to offer the Radiance Plus® clear braces which are the most translucent clear brackets and are manufactured in the United States by the company American Orthodontics.


Radiance clear braces by American Orthodontics offered at BigSmile Orthodontics